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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The City of Colorado Springs announced today the launch of a new web-based psychological trauma recovery program. This site is designed to provide those affected by the Centennial Boulevard shooting on November 27, 2015 or the Halloween shooting on October 31, 2015 with information and guidance that can help them move toward recovery. While this site has been created in response to the shootings, it is available to anyone in the area who has experienced a traumatic event.

The site,, offers an interactive platform for teaching skills people can use to help overcome the trauma created by events such as the recent shootings. Although the site is not intended to replace professional counseling, it can be a useful self-help tool for affected individuals. It offers detailed information about trauma; what it is; how it affects each person differently; how trauma recovery works; common pitfalls for people who have experienced a traumatic event and specific ways people can aid in their own recovery.

The website was created by a community expert, Dr. Charles Benight, Professor and Director of the Trauma, Health and Hazards Center at University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Through his company BlueSun, Inc., Dr. Benight has built several trauma recovery websites for incidents around the country including Hurricane Ike and the Aurora theater shooting.

“We know that all people experience and respond to trauma differently and the stress of a traumatic event may not happen when you might expect,” said Dr. Benight. “Some will experience it immediately after and for others it may take months. This website is a tool that people who were impacted by the shootings can utilize on an ongoing basis to help them build a bridge to recovery.”

Other Recovery Resources Still Available:

To speak with someone immediately, call the Colorado Crisis Services Hotline at 844-493-TALK (8255)*
Walk-in support services are available 24/7 at the Crisis Stabilization Center at AspenPointe, 115 South Parkside Drive, Colorado Springs, Colo.*
*These are no cost-services available to anyone in our community who needs immediate assistance.

The Colorado Crime Victim Compensation program may be able to help pay for counseling and other assistance. For more information, call 719-520-6036 or visit the website:

by City of Colorado Springs – 1/26/2016

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