Whether the challenges of the job start to take their toll and major events such as a car crashes, assaults, tornadoes, floods, fires, terrorist attacks or other major events occur. Bluesun offers Personal, Disaster, First Response, and Teen Recovery programs which provide online anonymous support systems that help people cope with the psychological effects of trauma and posttraumatic symptoms. The programs empower people to guide their own progress at their own pace by assessing how well they’re coping, providing a personalized
program of support and offering feedback. The program is web-based, available 24/7 whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Scientifically Supported
Bluesun founders are nationally renowned scholars in the field of traumatic stress. Each Bluesun program has a solid foundation in social cognitive theory and cognitive behavioral therapy. The programs employ the same techniques used by trained trauma counselors, making them great resources for use on their own or alongside in-person therapy.

Our products provide trauma support, recovery, and skill-building for individuals. People will benefit from our applications if they have experienced one or more of the  traumatic events below.

Trauma is a difficult circumstance for anyone to face, no matter how it occurs, no matter what your age, or language you speak. Our tools can help provide support to those who need it most. Please contact us today for more details and let us help.